Remember when growing
cannabis was fun?

Before all
the red tape

Before all the consultants

And pointy shoes

When it was just you,
and nature, combining
to create something

We do.

And we think we can
make it fun again

Hear us out

Sell your cannabis
through us

Our team can support you by helping to amplify your message and raise awareness of your unique brand, bringing your products to market, and your story to the world.

Sell your cannabis
to us

Shelter buys all your biomass. We can set up short or long term supply agreements with fixed or variable pricing that reflects the quality of your flower.


Here's how it works

1. You grow.

You do you, and grow great cannabis.

Congratulations, your job is done!

2. We quality assure

Mandated by Health Canada, a dedicated QA can cost a producer upwards of $100,000. Let us take this burden on, while you concentrate on production.

3. Your brand or ours?

We'll either buy your cannabis at a fair price and put it into one of our current brands on the market, or we can process and package for you and sell it on your behalf through our sales license. Or we can do a bit of both. Your call.

4. We package

We have compliant packaging for your vertical procucts. Shelter has successfully navigated through all of the Health Canada packaging guidelines and provides each grower with compliant solutions for their product.

5. We sell

We leverage our relationships with Provincial, Private, and Medical wholesalers to bring your product to the largest number of consumers possible within Canada.

6. We represent

Our sales team makes sure that your brand is supported on the retail level with bud-tender education, media presence, and in-store promotion.

7. We all celebrate

Craft farmers are vital to creating
a diverse cannabis marketplace
for Canadian consumers.

We are here to help you create a market
where both local and exotic cannabis
cultivars of quality previously enjoyed
only by connoisseurs are readily
available to everyone.

Who we are

Kyp Rowe

Business Development Lead

Kyp brings over 20 years of domestic and international premium cultivation and genetic development expertise to Shelter. With schooling in both Cool Weather Viticulture, and Green House Management, he’s operated award-wining facilities overseas and throughout North America in both the wine and cannabis spaces. Kyp’s knowledge and expertise makes him the perfect partner to assist you in bringing your small batch quality craft cannabis product to market.

Mark Hauk

CEO, Shelter

Mark entered the Canadian cannabis space five years ago, and since that time, has founded a number of successful (often disruptive) cannabis start-ups. All of his enterprises have had at their core a deep respect for both the plant, and those who rely on it for their well-being. He has a solid track record of building ethical businesses around cannabis.